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 Fall Classes


Dialogue Your Faith copy
In this class you will explore how to speak about the Christian worldview as it relates to philosophy, history, and science.  Some of the questions we'll explore include: Is the Bible historically reliable? How can a good God allow evil to exist? Does science make religion obsolete?
Exploring The Saints Augustine copy 3
Come explore the exciting life and deep theology of one of the most influential Christians in history - Saint Augustine.  You will find in this class that Augstine's life and struggles may not be that different than your won, and that the truth God revealed to him can also change your life!
The Lords Prayer web pic
The Lord's Prayer is a model prayer, embodying principles that Christians need to incorporate into their own prayers.  This class will be looking at the Lord's Prayer line by line, and even word by word, extracting those principles and clarifying what Jesus was encouraging His disciples to to.