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 Fall Classes


Gods Design For Your Finances
Want help in becoming debt free, building an emergency fund, retirement savings, a spending plan?  All necessary steps to achieve genuine financial peace and freedom!  Using God's Word as our Financial Advisor, we will connect the dots from both the Old & New Testaments.  In this class we will discover GOd's way of handling money and your takeaway is a financial plan for you and your family honoring God and that testifies "In God We Tru$t".
Abortion Reframing aMoral issue
Postponed to a future date
How to Defend Your Faith
Learn about how to defend the Christian worldview from the perspective of science, philosophy, and history to help remove barriers to belief in Christ.  
Exploring The Saints Augustine
Come explore the exciting life and deep theology of one of the most influential Christians in history - Saint Augustine.  You will find in this class that Augstine's life and struggles may not be that different than your won, and that the truth God revealed to him can also change your life!