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Class Offerings:

 Summer Classes


 Counter Culture

 In this class you will learn how Christians are being called and challenged to engage culture in a compassionate and courageous stand on today's moral issues... be ready to give an answer.


Life Together

This study will consist of a study of the classic work, Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s description of the ideal Christian community as realized through his life with his seminary students at Finkenwalde seminary before the seminary was closed by the Gestapo.


 Centerpoint 101 Fall 2015


If you are ready to explore what it means to make a commitment to the life, people and mission of our church, this class is for you!  In our New Members Class, you will meet the pastors and learn about Centerpoint's purpose, beliefs and core values.  The class ends with an opportunity to become part of the church membership if you so choose.