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Winter Classes


How Then Shall we live revised

This class will survey the history of Christianity from the Apostolic Age to present using Francis Schaeffer’s classic work, How Should We Then Live?


This study of the book of Hosea not only explores the historical meaning of the text but how it applies to today's Christians and their cultural setting.  God spells out His plan of redemption and indescribable love through the life and times of Hosea, in effect making it an Old Testament enactment of John 3:16.  Come and learn what Hosea has to teach us about how we are to live in our present day culture and the potential spiritual dangers we face.

Abortion Understandying and helping those who hurt

Abortion, understanding & helping those who hurt will be an in-depth class describing the "abortion-minded" individual and how to be a safe person to help those facing unplanned pregnancies or hurting from an abortion experience.  Over 2,900 woemn in the U.S. will have an abortion today, and too few have someone they can turn to who will simply listen to their story.  These women need a safe place, a safe person to help voice their overwhelming emotions.  Are you safe? Listening -  seem easy right?  But it's tougher than you think.  It's a skill that requires attention, openness and compassion.  Nonjudgmental listening is one of the most powerful acts we can provide to those who seek healing.

Abortion Reframing a Moral issue

Gain a deeper understanding of the abortion issue by closely examining key biblical passages, answering provocative questions, and considering sermons and writing from the ministry of John Piper.