Centerpoint Missions

Centerpoint Community Church supports and participates in local, national, and worldwide service & missions. 

Service opportunities for local and global missions range from hands-on work on an on-going basis locally, joining a team traveling in response to a need globally, as well as prayer and communication with missionaries around the world. There is an opportunity to serve for every comfort level in missions at Centerpoint. In addition to Global & Local Missions opportunities you'll notice we have another area of service on the side bar which is a collection of local service opportunities inside and outside the church.

In order to do this successfully we have developed two focuses:

Global Missions

In Global Missions we seek to give every individual at Centerpoint the opportunity to serve on at least three different cross-cultural international missions fields in addition to supporting full-time working professional missionaries (more information is on our Global Missions page). Our primary focus of international missions involvement is Tier I in Ensenada, Mexico which we send well over a 100 people a year serving in several types of mission projects. Our second field of involvement which is Tier II is Nicaragua, a new ministry partner. One Hope Young Adults will be doing a mission there this summer.  Our third field of involvement, Tier III is Uganda where we sent a team of 10 to Hope Alive! organization in January 2017 and will be sending another team in 2019. For more information, please contact Marlena Sprague.

Local Missions

In Local Missions we seek to give everyone present at Centerpoint first-hand experience on what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ locally. We do this by encouraging our program ministries at Centerpoint to care for the wider community through service projects, and we do this by partnering with key organizations that care for the needs of the greater community. For more information, please contact Karen Fales