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Class Offerings:

How to Read the Bible Bulletin Board
What translation of the Bible do you read and how does it compare to other translations? What are the varying methods for interpreting the Bible and why is it important to have an established "hermeneutical" approach to biblical interpretation?  What are the various literary forms in the Bible and how does understanding those forms affect their interpretation?  This class on reading Scripture will address these and other questions of biblical interpretation through a study of Gordon Fee's How to Read the Bible for All it's Worth.  Whether you are just beginning your study of Scripture or are an experienced reader of the Bible, this class will provide insights on approaching God's Word in new and exciting ways.
Abolition of Man Bulletin Boards
This is a 4 week class on The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis.  In 1944 Lewis could see the consequences of faulty education and modernist ideas that cause our severe polarization in moral values today.  Discover Lewis' brilliant defense against modern counterfeit values and properly appreciate the wisdom and crucial importance of "general revelation" in sorting through our relationships with all the other beliefs and values out there.