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Class Offerings:


Exploring the Saints.Martin Luther

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the most significant civil rights leaders in American history.  While many people are aware of his civil rights work, they are less aware of how significantly his faith in Christ shaped that work.  In this 4-week study, we will explore the life, ministry, theology and life-transformative faith of Fev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Exploring the Practice of Prayer

If you've ever wanted prayer to become a more central part of your life with the Lord, but feel like you just don't know enough about what the Bible teaches on prayer this class can help.  This class will offer participants the opportunity to study the topic of prayer in-depth throughout the bible.

 The Justice Calling a look at social justice

"Did you know the theme of justice is woven throughtout the whole biblical story?  In this class we will explore how God's passion for justice should reshape our lives so we, as His people, can live for the good of our neighbors."

Making Sense of God 

"Making Sense of God - An invitation to the Skeptical" by Timothy Keller.  Would you like to have intellectually solid answers for the challenges to Christian faith?  Come study and compare the beliefs and claims of Christianity with the claims of the secular world and find out which view makes more sense of our complex human experience. "Come now, let us reason together says the Lord."  Isaiah 1:18