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Class Offerings:


Making Sense of God 

"Making Sense of God - An invitation to the Skeptical" by Timothy Keller.  Would you like to have intellectually solid answers for the challenges to Christian faith?  Come study and compare the beliefs and claims of Christianity with the claims of the secular world and find out which view makes more sense of our complex human experience. "Come now, let us reason together says the Lord."  Isaiah 1:18

Heart of an Artist

In this class we invite creative individuals to come together and learn what it means to be an artist in the church.  Discover God's purpose for the arts through group discussions, Biblical study and self-assessment.  We will be using the book "Heart of the Artist" and can be purchased in class.


In this class we will be studying the Book of Galatians using the book "Galatians for You" by Timothy Keller.

Centerpoint 101 Spring 2017

 If you are ready to explore what it means to make a commitment to the life, people and purpose of our church, this class is for you.  In our New Members' class you will meet the pastors and learn about Centerpoint's purpose, beliefs and core values.  Whether you have been attending for just a few weeks or for years, you will find this class helpful.  The class ends with the opportunity to join the church if you so choose.