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SCRIP is a great way to earn funds towards Centerpoint ministry events just by using gift cards for your everyday purchases. When you order those gift cards through Centerpoint's SCRIP program, you’ll receive the full value of what you paid and you’ll earn an immediate rebate percentage, depending on the retailer. For example, you could buy donuts from Krispy Kreme for an early morning bible study and earn 6%!
Rebate Example:
Food: $75/week x 4 = $300/month
Clothing: $50/month
Gas: $25/week x 4 = $100/month
Dining out: $ 50/month
Total Spending: $500/month x 12 months = $6000/year
Average rebate of a SCRIP retailer is 5%.
Using SCRIP, you could earn approximately $300 a year with your annual spending towards a church ministry event! Also, keep earning by giving these gift cards to friends and family - for all occasions!
Some examples of Centerpoint Ministry Events:
Childrens Ministry: High Five! - Children's Vacation Bible, Mt. Hermon Camp
Youth: Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Laser Tag Event, Hume Lake Summer Camp, High School Mexico Mission Trip
Adults: Mission Trips, Women's Retreat, Men's Retreat
As a participant, your responsibility to the church program:
The SCRIP program here at Centerpoint is a huge benefit to our families. The proceeds from your SCRIP purchases can go directly into your own family account and then can be used to offset the cost of church sponsored events for children, youth, men, women and mission programs. Proceeds can also go toward scholarships in any of these areas.
The SCRIP program is run by both staff and volunteers. In order for it to run efficiently, the program must run on a CO-OP basis. For this reason it may be used only by those persons who assist in the day to day running of it. If you purchase and receive the benefits of SCRIP we require that you assist at the SCRIP counter on Sunday at least once every 2 months (more if you would like). The time commitment is about 20 minutes after one service. This means we need all of our scrip purchasers to sign up to help on a regular basis. For security and accountability reasons, we cannot only have one volunteer at a time at the counter. If we find that we don’t have enough volunteers signed up to help on a particular Sunday, we will need to close the counter down on that particular day.
A schedule of dates and times will be sent separately by Wynnie Bell to you and one is available at the counter on Sunday mornings. Please call (782-3186 ext 13 or 23) or e-mail Nancy VanDiest or Wynnie Bell to reserve dates that are convenient for you.
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